When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Friday, October 5, 2018

What colors are around me

I think that spotted leaf is poison ivy.  Wasn't touching it out of my usual caution.

Some nice yellow fungi were tucked in with the foliage under a tree.

My hanging basket of Wandering Jew is doing well, and I'm thinking of how I'll cut it back to bring it inside for the winter.  Not for another month though.
For some reason this coleus has giant leaves with great color.  I may try to keep it alive in the winter...after all my windowsills face south and get plenty of sun once the leaves fall off the trees.

The deep red leaved coleus hasn't done well at all, and will be let to die over wintertime.  My little dragonfly sitting on a kitty aways brings a smile.  The other green plant is a little vinca vine which I'll also overwinter inside.

Once again, dogwood's berries seem to be the most colorful part of the tree...which usually has a vibrant red leaf before they fall.  Maybe in a few weeks.  The berries must not be of interest to the birds, because they remain there on the branches.


Being aware of our connection to our presence regenerates our personal power.

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