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When I Was 69
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bounty and Soul helpers

Each week a charity occurs right here where I live.

Of the more than 70 apartments, a few dozen senior residents come for free produce that's provided through Bounty and Soul, part of the Manna Food Bank in this area. You can see baskets of produce on the display tables, including some recipes for using the various vegetables. There's also usually a nice snack that's available for us to taste, and take home a recipe if we wish to prepare it for ourselves.

The Bounty and Soul volunteers also provide free produce for the public at the St. James Episcopal Church on Tuesdays (I think.)

Lately we've also received some complete meals from The Food Connection, which works with area restaurants who sometimes have food left from catering or other special events.

The other food bonus of Black Mountain, is a free lunch (or whatever you wish to donate)  held at the Methodist church right in town each Wednesday.  Most folks put a couple of dollars in the basket.

I'm glad to see there are efforts to provide food for those less fortunate in our area.  Having the marketplace atmosphere gives us a gala gathering as well as some delicious produce.  I'm so grateful to be part of this community.

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