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When I Was 69
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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Day trip for pottery lovers

Spruce-Pine North Carolina has one of the best pottery shows.  A smallish venue, and finding parking included shimmeying my car into a non-spot which was right here, across from the entrance to the warehouse.  

This is in the heart of Western North Carolina pottery country. And the potters that displayed here included some of the best of this particular genre.  They are focused on their work. They have their own styles which I've seen change through the 11 years I've been looking at them.  Though it's the next day now, a rainy Sunday morning, the show will continue today 10-4 there in Spruce-Pine.

I'll show more of the pots over on my pottery blog HERE as the week goes on. But today I just wanted to share how wonderful it is to go somewhere on a beautiful day with friends. It sure makes the driving more interesting!

After wandering through all (and I mean all) the displays, the afternoon sunlight on the beautiful floors showed the crowd had diminished by 3:30, almost time for the tired potters to go home.

One potter just fell asleep from exhaustion, and I don't know who she was.  But I don't blame her.

I've got more photos of us tourists. Show you more later

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