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When I Was 69
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Friday, October 19, 2018

Temporary lunch site

This building was most recently the Foam and Fabric store.  But originally (I think) it had been an auto showroom.  It was purchased by the Town of Black Mountain and now houses the Public Works offices, and the Recreation and Parks department.

When our usual site of the Council on Aging lunch program, The Lakeview Senior Center, was getting renovated, the COA and the Recreation Dept. hauled the tables and chairs over to this building.

I admit to being very skeptical about how it would be having lunch in the building where I'd shopped for fabrics. I remembered it being huge and like a warehouse inside.  This is the side entrance to the lunch program.

Entering the building, the town is beginning to bring some amenities of waiting room style furniture, where you can observe packing boxes piled opposite.

And down one wing, with windows all along one wall, are 5 big round tables, awaiting the seniors who come for lunch Mon - Fri.  The food has always been trucked in hot (or cold as needed) from the Moose Cafe over in western Asheville.  So it hasn't changed things much for us.  We hope to return to the Lakeview Center sometime next week.

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  1. Nice the program didn't just shut down during renovations.


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