When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Lunch specials at Ole's Guacamole

 I remember when Ole's opened the year I moved here...2007.  It had been an old appliance repair store...and I went with some new friends to try out Mexican food.  Mmm! A few years later they relocated to this building by the creekside...and later they've opened another restaurant in Asheville.

 A study of yellow on yellow!

Great Mexican touches in a nice comfortable restaurant, usually pretty crowded, unless you know to get there early!

Yep, I look pretty tired, but I'd just walked a half mile around Lake Tomahawk, so I earned it! I also earned the Enchiladas Suiza, (not THE lunch special but on the lunch menu.)  Mmm.  And bringing half of the lunch home in a box for later too!  I wanted to show you the ceramic tiles that make the booths more private.  And I'm so glad to have a friend or two who also is available for lunch that's reasonably priced.


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  1. I love the quote and the restaurant looks very inviting. Those tiles are so pretty and good for you with the walking! I need to start walking again, but I've been lazy since I broke my leg.
    In reply to your comment on my blog about The Ring of Kerry, I have added an update to the post because it occurred to me that others might have the same question! It is a 125 mile scenic route through County Kerry that takes you through some of the most spectacular landscape in southwestern Ireland. It is also called the Iveragh Peninsula. If you travel the whole route, you will be driving in a circle, which forms a "ring" around the area. We started and ended in Killarney.


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