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Monday, June 16, 2014

Burnsville Day Trip (Chapter 3)

We wondered where the lovely quilt shop had gone.  This whole strip of stores was woebegone.

Up the road to the side was another mural, this time looking more like a clock...but how does it really work?

Another empty store building...what a lovely setting, and why have all these stores dried up?  My friend wanted to see A Touch of Cass...ATOC.  At least it had a new address which we could chase down.  (more later)

Quote for the day:

Whoever believes in the good in people, draws forth the good in people.
Jean Paul


  1. They are very beautiful places. The phrase for the day is fine.


  2. Burnsville is a lovely little town -- I teach there occasionally and they have a terrific book festival. It's sad a bout the quilt shop...

    1. Since I've got my head in pottery all the time, I didn't know about the book festival. When is it? At least we have a great quilt shop here in Black Mountain. I am sorry that the one in Burnsville is gone.

  3. Barbara -- Nice quaint town. Perhaps the tail-end of the recession economy hurt these little shops. I've seen a bit of shops closing in this area. -- barbara

    1. Hi Barbara...I felt the shops being closed might be related to the recession, and it's a real shame these shops are all empty right on the same corner of the square. The restaurant did a good business next door to the last empty shop. I will show you some more shops that are doing well in my next post.


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