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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Burnsville NC (chapter 5)

The Nu Wray Inn is an old inn and restaurant - a great place for dining, but also family friendly.  We didn't chose to eat there this trip.  But I have enjoyed their fare, the gorgeous antiques, and the ambiance in the past.  I'd recommend it.

“People are just loving it,” comments Bob Cohen in reference to the re-opening of the historic Nu Wray Inn in Burnsville, N.C.

In April 2010, Cohen and his wife Lisa England, purchased the three-story clapboard colonial house and spent four months (“12-15 hour days,” says Cohen) preparing the property for the grand re-opening in early August.

Overlooking the Town Square, Nu Wray Inn, established in 1883, is an integral part of Burnsville and its history. Throughout its time, the property has hosted a variety of such guests as Mark Twain, Thomas Wolfe and Elvis Presley. Cohen refers to Nu Wray Inn as “a magnet that draws people back.”
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  1. We stayed there while we were scouting out retirement places. We loved it. The food was excellent and we especially enjoyed the outdoor barbecue with live bluegrass music. We were there before the new owners took over but I am sure they continued the wonder of the place.

  2. Love the Nu-Wray Inn -- a real blast from the past. It's front porch is wonderful -- sit and watch the world go by.


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