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Friday, June 6, 2014

Roving through the headstones Part 4

I've got lots of pictures, but don't want to bore you.  However, if someone is looking for a photo of their ancestor, I want them to be able to find it, and keep their own copy.  So sometimes I'll be posting them here, and sometimes over at "When I Was 69, my Personal Archives."

Tabernacle Methodist Church, Black Mountain, NC
The biggest cemetery in Black Mountain seems to be a combination of many, all under the names of Moutain View or Black Mountain Cemetery.  It's all over a huge hill, with definitely gorgeous views of the mountains. 

My friend and I could only record a miniscule amount of the older headstones.  Our goal for this trip was to find the oldest burial we could in the few hours we had available.
Ander, 1853-1916

Another veteran, WW II and Korea, Willard Jones
The only statue I saw here
Only a very few trees, mainly along the sides of the cemetery

Thomas Rimer, 1830-1906
The older section of the graveyard
I have a few other old headstones to share, but I don't want to have too many in one post.  I find I can browse through 10 at most, what do you think? (Yep, I've done too many already here.)


  1. Beautiful setting for a cemetery - I LOVE the Angel!! Hugs to you.

    1. Thanks...especially for the virtual hugs. Back to you too!

  2. I am also drawn to cemeteries. The older the better.

    1. The weather is great right now for (me/us) who no longer do hikes through the mountains, to stroll around the headstones! I once lived in a house that backed onto a cemetery...great neighbors!

  3. I love the name Benjamin Fortune and I love looking at old gravestones.


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