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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Garden Tour (one)

I promise not to post more than 4 flowers in one post.
And I will spread them out throughout the year.  There's nothing more pleasant than a bloom in February from June, is there?

Our Saturday morning part of the Art in Bloom tour here in Black Mountain had fantastic weather.  I was a volunteer with Carol at Susan's home.  Here are the first 4 photos of our lovely experience.

The umbrella was for shade (much appreciated) as volunteers checked tickets and spoke with visitors
The tour works by people purchasing tickets at the Center for the Arts, then receiving a map showing where each garden is.  When people come to visit the garden, they must show their tickets.  We had to send a couple of people to the BMCA to purchase tickets.  The map was not provided for us volunteers, but we did see that the gardens were spread all over the area.
The Garden Tour also provides access to the gallery exhibit at BMCA where local florists and decorators display an arrangement based upon a piece of art, donated for the purpose of the exhibit.
I think Susan does a great job of combining her pets and gardening, with the fence around the dog's part of the yard.
Our hostess, Susan, who gave a preliminary tour to the vols.  Much of her beautiful garden is behind her house by the guest house.
And a final note is that the garden tour includes a discount towards lunch in some area restaurants (I also didn't hear which ones, sorry).

OK here's one picture of just a flower!

A butterfly weed flower

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