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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cemetery Roving part 2

Monday was beautiful, and Teresa and I did some hunting through local cemeteries.  See part 1 over at When I Was 69, my other blog.

To catch you up, we were looking for really old graves.  This is the second cemetery we visited.  Though it's listed as a cemetery, we've learned if it's attached to a church it can be called a graveyard.

Oak Grove (newer).  Mills Chapel Baptist Church is at the front and top of the hill, with plenty of parking.  There was a man with his little boy learning how to ride a bike on the parking lot, which wasn't exactly more power to the kid!

The note above is inscribed in a ramp that leads into the grassy area off the parking lot...after going through a chain link gate.  I recognized the Mason insignia.

It's always nice to see a well tended cemetery.  But though it seemed big, we had another couple of big ones to come later.

a 1980 grave
I wondered if this Groce is related to my friend
We wondered if Charles Flack was related to Roberta.  I wondered if any blacks are in this cemetery.  I kind of doubt it.

My next post will be the older part of one of the big cemeteries, which is perhaps a combination of Black Mountain Cemetery and several named Mountain View Cemetery.  Tomorrow I'm posting back on When I Was 69.


  1. My husband and I go spiriting around cemeteries every now and then. We like to find the old country ones if possible.

  2. We haven't even started on the little family ones up in the countryside (here mountainsides) which will sometimes require 4 wheel drive or walking. And we don't know how many of them will be open to public. Nor do we know where a nearby restroom might be in case of need. So th
    ere's a bit of hesitation about the "rural cemeteries visit."


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