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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Going on a day trip to Burnsville, NC

The big black semi let me get on the highway (I-40) for which I was grateful.  Around here many of the entrance ramps just don't let you get up to speed and/or have a view of oncoming traffic in time to merge easily.  It has to do with mountains, not having long flat areas to do so.  So many local people driving on the interstates just pull to the left lane when they see people about to merge...if they can.  I liked this big black truck which said something about Christian ministries...and it had this strange symbol which reminded me of Arabic.  Mmm, I said, nice combination.

when Helen and I got to Burnsville, NC...we grabbed a couple of decaf-Americano coffees.  Then walked around enjoying the town.

 The Something Special Gift Shop took a while for us to browse through.  Oh my!

We went in the TRAC Gallery, and I ooo'd and aaaa'd over pottery.  Found a new potter who does interesting trees, including the designs going over to the back of the forms.  Yummy.

Harriet was unobtrusive yet friendly - a good gallery hostess.  TRAC stands for Toe River Arts Council, and they also have a gallery in Spruce-Pine, NC.  They had their studio tour last weekend, with maps available to drive from one mountain studio to another.  I'm sure it was fun to do.  (It happens again in the fall, in case you're interested!)

Quote for today:

In the darkest hour the soul is replenished and given strength to continue and endure.
H.W. Chosa

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  1. Nice post, B. - and I really like the "tree" pottery! That's a good quote at the bottom.


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