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When I Was 69
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Art, flowers and cows

It was great visiting H. at this Art in Bloom tour of his gardens.  And I met some neat other volunteers...more pics of them later.

First let's look at the view from H's front porch.

There were just four, two adults and two six month old calves.  And they may have been merrily munching, but certainly paid attention to us curious folks with cameras in front of our faces.

I can't resist submitting this lovely couple, a brother and sister, to Friday Fences...if I'm not too late!  Go check out other photos with fences featured there!

And I'm not forgetting to let you know more about Art in Bloom...besides garden tours throughout the area, there's a special gallery exhibit of art objects with a designed flower arrangement to follow the theme of each object or painting.  

Since we aren't supposed to take pictures of those exhibits, I just will let you know that to see this show you must pay a small fee for it.  Local floral artists are given a chance to make a pretty arrangement based on a painting or sculpture, or very occasionally a piece of pottery.  It is only on display for 2-3 days I think.

There are other events, like entertainment and a special dinner.  I don't know if there's still an afternoon tea and fashion show, except it wasn't at the Center for the Arts this year.

I think the best part is buying a ticket that's good for 2 days, and getting maps to all the neighborhood gardens which are hosted by volunteers like me.  A pleine air artist may be working in the garden as well.  If the weather is nice like it was this year, it's a great opportunity to see fabulous gardens in Black Mountain.

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  1. That's like a garden treasure hunt! What fun to tour the neighborhoods and see all of them!


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