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When I Was 69
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pearson Mansion

A nice easy climb up a meandering walk to the former site of the Pearson Mansion.  There used to be a stream with water features along the path to the right.  The rock beds are still there, but slightly overgrown.

This is the site of the former mansion.  It had been an Inn before an arsonist set fire to it.  I met a man looking at this swale of grass, and he said the bricks on the far side were the original back wall, this was where the front entrance was, and he had worked here when it was the Richmond Hill Inn when he was much younger.

So much of the grounds and other buildings have been renovated, creating a beautiful place for retreats at OM Sanctuary, a not-for-profit Healthy Life Style center. (See their web page at www.OMSanctuary.org.

Historic view of Richmond Hill House
Photo courtesy of North Carolina Collection, 
Pack Memorial Public Library,
 Asheville, North Carolina

For more information about the changes of the Richmond Hill Inn and plans for OM Sanctuary you can read a 2011 article here.

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  1. Richmond Hill House was just impressive - and beautiful!


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