When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Monday, June 10, 2013

White Squirrels

Come on down (up?) to Brevard, NC.  It's not only the town with white squirrels, who naturally wander through the trees and don't seem to interbreed with those grey ones, but who have a very interesting tall tail tale (sorry, couldn't resist) as to how they came to be in Brevard.

I'll tell you a bit...something about they escaped from a side show of a carnival.  Real breed, which is not albino form of grey squirrel, (no red eyes like white bunnies).

You'll have to go to Brevard for more fun.  And it's also the gateway to some fabulous waterfalls.  (Here's a link in case you think I'm kidding!)  http://www.visitwaterfalls.com/

 Here I sat in front of a lovely little shop in Brevard, the shop being the "White Squirrel." (and no, that's definitely a bunny, not a stuffed squirrel, but there are lots of them in that store.)

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