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Thursday, January 30, 2014

8 weeks countdown

To said another blogger.

  Ah, so I'm digging through last year's photos to share something inspirational.

A June bloom in spite of a lot of rain

My January 2013 blooms...not going to have any this year as pretty, nor in Jan.
These lovelies will be returning in a couple of months...I hope

The infertile decorative pears will show their white blooms before leaves.

And I've had to search a bit, but here is the tree in my yard which tells me to really roll around and celebrate spring.

Regardless of the name a person uses for the Infinite Force that holds us together, it is the source of our miraculous, unpredictable creativity and our dignity. Ashok Gangadean, "Towards a Culture of Peace," Elixir Magazine, Autumn 2007


  1. Lovely clicks today. Is that last photo of a flowering Crabapple tree?

  2. With our unseasonably cold weather, I am definitely counting down to spring. Three degrees here this morning.

  3. Oh such pleasure to see warm moments of beauty of flowers.

    Love the clicks big time.

  4. I hope that 8 weeks passes quickly. Great blooms to see today.

  5. Nice to see the photographs especially as Spring seems such a long way away at the moment.

  6. The eternal return -- sometimes we need reminding it's really gonna happen


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