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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do you like wine?


  1. Oh my - another store/business! I discovered years ago that I'm allergic to Wine, Champagne, Fragrances, perfumes, Aftershaves, etc etc. Plus I'm on hearts meds, so no wine for me!

  2. Yes, I do like wine. I drink only whites since some of the reds give me a headache. Since I don't know which ones will, I avoid all of them. I have four favorite white wines that I keep on hand, depending on which is on sale. My husband drinks a much larger variety of wines (and more expensive too) than I do.

  3. Great to have 2 folks respond to the question...I'm pretty much like NCmoutianwoman, mainly drink whites, and only a bit at a time. I am surprised at the expertise some of my sons have achieved regarding wine...they make serious choices. I have become partial to Rhine wines.

  4. You take great shots to put on your header. The current one is sensational. The store photo looks so inviting -- I would probably take a shot of wine for bedtime sleep as I heard that is good for you? Your town looks so inviting. I would be interested in a post telling us how you decided to locate there -- if you want to share that info? -- barbara

    1. Thanks for the interest, but I think it's a long story, not exactly what I want to put on this blog, at this point anyway.


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