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Friday, January 3, 2014

A new Pizza place

Foodie Fridays.  During the wintertime, there's a lot of eating out.  So I'm going to force myself to go someplace in the region at least once a week.  I'm suffering just for you!

Relatively speaking, Pepperoni Pizza opened sometime last fall.  I don't know who first said they liked the pizza there.  I have lots of pizza loving friends.  So I tried it out.  Pretty good!  And a hot ham and cheese sub that was delicious too.  As always, this is not meant as an endorsement, nor have they paid me in any way to post these pictures. 

A shopping center that's hard to find...
Most patrons are local folks, families.  Not exactly where you'd take a "first date."  The WNC Shopping center is located on US Highway 70, west of Black Mountain, on your right after the stop light at Blue Ridge Road.  But seeing where to turn takes a bit of practice.  If you get to Hopes and Dollar General, go back to the last shopping center before that.

There's Toy Yoda just back from it's 1000 mile jaunt to Indiana

Order take out or enjoy sitting around.


  1. Cool photos! If I have pizza, I prefer Pepperoni or Canadian Bacon. Husby doesn't care for pizza at all.

  2. Nothing like hometown food places -- barbara


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