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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where's the flower?

By this time last year, I was enjoying my Amaryllis.  This year, there's just lots of leaves showing.

Doesn't everyone plant critters around the base of their flowers?  Actually this keeps inquisitive paws out.

Perhaps I should show it a picture of last year's bounty.

My January 2013 blooms...not going to have any this year in Jan.


  1. That's a striking red-orange color.

  2. Strange, isn't it? Sometimes they are on time and other times not.

  3. I carried a bulb over from a couple of years and I am getting the same foliage only. The blooms were nice you had last year.

  4. And the really fun thing is, I saved a box that says it's guaranteed. May have to ship the poor thing back to somewhere though. Last year's prolific bulb didn't make it through the first frost. No leaves after 6 weeks of warm and watering.

  5. Mine are cowering in the greenhouse, trying to survive the cold -- I'll be lucky if they live.

  6. I'm not getting any amaryllis blooms this year either.....not from the ones from years past or the ones I bought this year. I wonder what last summer had to do with it. At least we have the photos.


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