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Monday, January 27, 2014

More Ice here

Actually since the last picture was taken a few weeks ago, the lake thawed, and now in the last few days has re-frozen.

So here are this week's cold pictures.

 Close to the entrance to the park, there's a shallow area, which strangely doesn't have ice on it.  And I noticed there's actually some movement in the water, and it's not ducks or fish.  What's the answer?  You got it, a spring.

My guess is the melted area near the rocks is from the sunshine and above freezing weather both yesterday and today.  Or maybe it's just today.

But the chill returned, and that sun is still very low in the sky.  How about 8 more weeks of winter?


  1. We have minus 4 degrees this morning and no sunshine. But I woke up above the lawn, and I consider that to be a good start to my day.

  2. Great pictures B, hope it starts warming up soon. Love your header shot too.


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