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Sunday, January 19, 2014

General Store

Linda is always ready to help you.  This store is where I can supply most of my home's needs, as well as provide a great enjoyable explore into lots of gift ideas.

Let's just say, I must buy things of some kind or another there at least once a week.  Goodness, I wonder if the rest of their customers are so loyal.  But consider driving 15 miles to the nearest big box store, where maybe the selection will be bigger, but the prices are pretty much the same...and I'd rather give my business to a local outfit.  (Some of the people there already know my name!)

And for Montanagirl's question, there were 7500 people living here in 2000.  Don't know about now...but probably a few more.


  1. Thanks for the info, B. I just think from all you've posted here about your town, that it's really nice. I like to support local businesses as well. Our little town has 1 stop sign, no one-way streets (which are graveled), and there's maybe 250 people here, an a good day. LOL .


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