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Friday, January 10, 2014

Coffee and pastries

Foodie Fridays
My favorite gorgeous view, in the ladies room
Not the kind of building I'm drawn to for food!
So it's an imposing stone building!  (I need to go back to learn about the architecture)

On US-70 in Osteen...aka East Asheville.  Right across the highway from the Veterans Hospital.

Ramp from parking area to entrance...still not impressed

A really large dining area...

A great selection of bakery items!

Most enjoyable art on the wall, and wi-fi for the computer/iPhone followers.


  1. A great place for a bite to eat, and I enjoyed all the other photos too. Thanks B and have a great weekend.

  2. Oh, look at those pastry goodies - I have such a sweet tooth, which is hard for me, because my doctor said to cut way back on my sugar intake.

  3. I need to get out more! This looks like a terrific place.


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