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Monday, January 13, 2014


Downtown Black Mountain has only one big store.  It takes up a whole corner and most of the length of a city block. Tyson Furniture.  But it is locally owned and operated.


  1. There's no end to the shops and businesses there! How big is Black Mountain anyway? I'm sure you've mentioned it before but if so, I've forgotten. It's so nice to see there's still a locally owned business or two around. I left an answer back on my post of the cemetery. Wasn't sure if you go back to check for any replies I might leave. I blurred out the names in deference to the families, as I wasn't sure if they'd appreciate that showing up on my blog.

  2. Apologies for mispelling on title earlier...I've edited it now!

  3. When we first moved, a friend pointed out Tyson's. We bought TONS of furniture there and love the store. Amazed that they still use a paper reference system. (At least they did a year or so ago)


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