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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strange cloud formation

As my friend drove me home from a doctor's appointment in Asheville, we wondered about the strange clouds that looked like they were right over Black Mountain.  So I pulled out my trusty iPhone camera.

Yeh, that little solid blimp shaped by itself.

Sunset took over...and still there it was.

The one down closest to the mountains became an alligator.  If I could spell crocodile, it would be a crocodile.

The croc was further along and not over Black Mountain at all.  Ahhh.  But the cold and snow came along following anyway.


  1. Love the clouds. We love it when we are on the Interstate and can see more of the sky than we can at home. Looks as if those clouds might bring all of us some snow this afternoon.

  2. Very good post, B.! Loved your cloud/sky photos and descriptions.

  3. Neat clouds...or might they be UFOs?

  4. look at those lovely photos and flowers. Now I know where Black Mt is.. a beautiful spot in the Carolinas. But are you not in winter now? Never saw critters in pots before.


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