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Friday, January 17, 2014

A Tea Room

I've not been inside to enjoy the tea before, though I posted some pictures of the exterior when it first opened.


I gladly accepted my friend's invitation for tea for two...

And enjoyed learning about lots of kinds of tea.

We skipped the cushions sitting on the floor, though that amethist crystal is outstanding.

... the remains of a lovely tea, completely enjoyable.


  1. B. that's really neat! You have so many different stores, businesses, etc. there. The Tea Room is really pretty.

    1. Thanks...goodness, you must be up early to comment already...I'm up with a sick cat. Yes there are a lot of nice little nooks and stores...and I'll be posting pics of them as long as winter keeps me homebound.

  2. That looks like a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Such a lot of different teas... And someone's reading GUESTS ON EARTH -- I really enjoyed that book..

    1. I have been loaning my copy out to friends, many of whom are interested in Lee Smith's writings, and I also paid a bit of attention to your recommendation.


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